1899 Liberty Head Double Eagle

1899 Liberty Head Double Eagle: Numismatic Perfection

When it comes to the world of rare coins, collectors and enthusiasts have long held onto the belief that “only the best will do.” This sentiment couldn’t ring truer than with the upcoming Heritage Auctions’ Long Beach Expo US Coins Signature Auction, scheduled for September 14-17, where numismatic treasures of exceptional quality will go under the hammer. Among the star attractions is the awe-inspiring 1899 Double Eagle PR67 Ultra Cameo NGC. CAC. JD-1, R.5.

Todd Imhof, Executive Vice President at Heritage Auctions, describes this Liberty Head double eagle as nothing short of captivating: “Very few were created in the first place — the recorded original mintage was just 84 — and the number of surviving examples is significantly lower, around 30. This coin carries the highest grade of any survivor, including the one that is in the Smithsonian Institution. It’s the kind of trophy-level coin that can become an immediate centerpiece and demand a spotlight of its own in any collection.”

The rarity of this 1899 double eagle is undeniable. PCGS Coinfacts lists only 32 surviving examples across all grades, with a mere 10 in Gem condition or finer. In fact, only one Cameo is graded at PR66. The coin offered in this auction is one of just three that NGC has graded PR67 Ultra Cameo, and none carries a higher NGC grade.

But the Mercury Rising Collection doesn’t stop here; it boasts an impressive lineup of rare coins, including a 1870 Type Two Double Eagle PR65 Ultra Cameo NGC. CAC. JD-1, Low R.7. This coin, one of only five or six survivors from an original mintage of just 35, is CAC-approved, adding to its allure.

For those with a penchant for historical numismatics, an 1854-D Three Dollar Gold, AU58 NGC, takes center stage. With a mintage of just 1,120, it’s the only three-dollar issue struck at the Dahlonega mint. Demand for coins like this one, graded above XF, is strong among collectors, making it a coveted piece.

The auction also features a 1796 Capped Bust Right Eagle, AU50 NGC, which is even more elusive than its 1795 counterpart. According to John Dannreuther, there are an estimated 125-175 surviving examples in all grades, making it a true rarity.

The Samuel Winans Collection is another highlight, focusing on Liberty Head double eagles, including several with challenging dates and mint-marks. Notable coins from this collection include an 1861-S Paquet Double Eagle, AU55 PCGS, and an 1862 Double Eagle MS63+ NGC. CAC, both exceptionally rare and sought-after pieces.

Morgan Dollar enthusiasts will find the Stuard Collection of Morgan Dollars irresistible. Featuring 30 Premier Session lots among its 86 lots, this collection offers a remarkable selection of silver dollar dates and grades. Notable pieces include an 1889-CC Morgan MS64 NGC, an 1893-S Morgan Dollar AU55 NGC, and an exceptionally rare 1904-S Morgan Dollar MS66 PCGS.

To add even more numismatic excitement, the James E. Blake Collection of U.S. Colonial Coins & Tokens is featured in a month-long Showcase auction, with highlights such as a 1724 Rosa Americana Twopence SP55 PCGS, a 1786 Connecticut Copper XF Details, and a 1670-A French Colonies 5 Sols AU55.

For those eager to explore the full spectrum of coins up for auction and to immerse themselves in the world of numismatics, detailed images and information about all lots can be found at HA.com/1365.

The Heritage Auctions’ Long Beach Expo US Coins Signature Auction promises to be a veritable treasure trove for collectors and investors alike, with a stunning array of rare coins that truly embody the spirit of “only the best will do.” Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this numismatic extravaganza, where history and craftsmanship unite in the pursuit of the finest coins the world has to offer.

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