Honoring the Legendary Numismatist Bill Fivaz on His 90th Birthday with MCCA

The Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta is delighted to announce the successful celebration of esteemed numismatist Bill Fivaz’s 90th birthday at their recent club meeting on February 17. The event, organized by the club where Bill serves as a member and on its board of directors, was a memorable occasion filled with camaraderie, reflections, and heartfelt tributes.

MCCA Iconic Fivaz
Cheers to 90 Years! Metropolitan Coin Club members gather around Bill and Marilyn Fivaz, joined by their loving family, to celebrate Bill’s remarkable milestone birthday. (Photo by Barry Inman.)

The celebration, which took place during the club meeting, deviated from the usual agenda to mark this significant milestone in Fivaz’s life. Attendees were treated to a delightful spread of refreshments provided by club newsletter editor David Crenshaw and club secretary Marvin Dudek, ensuring a festive atmosphere for all.

Among the highlights of the celebration was a sumptuous vanilla sheet cake with fudge icing, complemented by other snacks and sodas. Plastic champagne glasses filled with non-alcoholic sparkling white grape juice cocktail were raised in a special toast to honor Fivaz.

Dudek enhanced the culinary experience with a selection of savory treats including turkey, ham, and roast beef, along with a fresh fruit platter and a cheese party tray. Other members also contributed additional snacks, and several contributed monies to help cover the expenses. The venue was adorned with birthday decorations, creating a joyous ambiance fitting for the occasion.

The evening’s program included heartfelt remarks about Fivaz, delivered by Crenshaw, followed by a toast to honor him.

Bill and Marilyn Fivaz share a special moment with emcee David Crenshaw (left) and their cherished family members Jeanne, John (back), Diane, and Jake, amidst the joyous celebration of Bill’s 90th birthday. (Photo by Barry Inman.)

Bill Fivaz beams with delight as he admires his birthday cake, exclaiming, ‘Hey, the baker spelled my last name correctly!’ A sweet moment captured during the celebration of Bill’s 90th birthday. (Photo by David Crenshaw.)

John Phipps
John Phipps presents a surprise to Bill Fivaz, a specially labeled wooden nickel holder commemorating the occasion. The holder, approximately 8″ x 8″, showcases the most recent MCCA wooden nickel with a grade of MS-90, adorned with five-star stickers symbolizing quality. Bill’s trademark red ink pricing is visible in the corner, but as Bill says, ‘There is quality in every grade.’ Even with his discount sign reading ‘10% off price as marked,’ Bill remains truly ‘priceless’ to the Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta. (Photo by David Crenshaw.)

“I was deeply honored last night at our coin club (MCCA) meeting to have the members participate in celebrating the 50th anniversary of my 40th birthday, complete with a (non-alcoholic) toast, a food spread that was absolutely 5-star, and a delicious birthday cake. It was so nice to see everyone, even several that came from over a hundred miles away, join in the festivities. I thank everyone involved in the party and shall have very fond memories of it forever,” commented Fivaz.

A special surprise organized by board of directors member and YN director, John Phipps, added to the excitement of the celebration.

Attendees had the opportunity to join in the festivities by raising their glasses in a collective toast to Fivaz, expressing gratitude for his immense contributions to the numismatic community. The celebration culminated in a group picture capturing the moment before the lighting of the “90” candles on the cake and a rendition of Happy Birthday to commemorate this milestone.

Fivaz’s wife, Marilyn, daughter Diane and her husband John, and daughter-in-law Jeanne, and grandson Jake were also in attendance, adding to the warmth and joy of the celebration.

Crenshaw, in his remarks to the club members, highlighted the significance of Fivaz’s contributions to the world of numismatics, emphasizing his dedication, expertise, and enduring impact on the hobby. Crenshaw led a heartfelt toast, celebrating Fivaz’s achievements and wishing him continued joy and fulfillment in his 90th year.

“I am proud to see our members come together to honor Bill Fivaz on his 90th birthday. His dedication to numismatics has left an indelible mark on our club and the entire numismatic community,” said Tom Youngblood, president of the Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta.

The Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta extends its sincere thanks to all who attended and contributed to making Fivaz’s 90th birthday celebration a memorable success. Let us continue to celebrate the life and legacy of a true icon in the world of coins.

Posted by David Crenshaw