Inside Look: Crafting the NFL Super Bowl Flip Coin – A Florida Legacy

As the anticipation builds for Super Bowl 58, fans around the world gear up for the spectacle that marks the pinnacle of American football. Amidst the excitement and fervor, there’s one element that often goes unnoticed but holds significant symbolic value – the flip coin that kicks off the grand event. What many may not know is that this crucial piece of Super Bowl tradition is crafted right here in Florida.

Highland Mint, nestled in the heart of Brevard County, has been the artisan behind the iconic NFL Super Bowl flip coin for an impressive 31 years. Vincent Bohbot, the executive vice president at Highland Mint, proudly shares insights into the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each coin, marking the beginning of the football extravaganza.

“The game doesn’t start without the flip-coin,” Bohbot emphasizes, underlining the significance of this small yet vital component. For the dedicated team at Highland Mint, the production of these coins is more than just a job; it’s a source of pride and a testament to their craftsmanship.

Bohbot elaborates on the process, explaining, “When we’re watching the game, and they’re doing the coin toss, that’s when you look at it, here we look at it all day long, coins are being flipped, coins are being minted. But then when you see it at the game, that’s when you’re like, hey, that’s our coin, that’s our company that’s doing this.”

Each coin is meticulously numbered, with “0-0-1” determining the fate of the initial kick-off and “0-0-0” poised for overtime, should the need arise. The attention to detail extends to the design, with heads bearing the illustrious Super Bowl logo and tails showcasing the emblems of the competing teams.

This year, as the Super Bowl fever grips the nation, Highland Mint dispatched its latest batch of coins to Las Vegas, where they await their moment in the spotlight. A total of 10,000 coins were meticulously crafted, with only a hundred reserved for the NFL while the rest are made available for avid fans and collectors alike.

Behind the scenes, the 140-member strong team at Highland Mint toils tirelessly, from melting the metals to packaging the finished product. Their dedication reflects a shared sense of pride in contributing to the spectacle of the biggest football event of the year.

“Everybody takes pride in this, how can you not? Whether they’re football fans or not, everybody likes to say that we’re part of the biggest game of the year,” Bohbot asserts, encapsulating the sentiment that permeates Highland Mint.

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, and millions tune in to witness the clash of titans on the gridiron, spare a thought for the artisans behind the scenes, whose craftsmanship ensures that the spectacle begins with a simple flip of a coin – a coin made with care and precision right here in the Sunshine State.

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