Living History Illuminated: Jamie Franki’s Numismatic Art for a Purpose

Coin and medal artist Jamie Franki has graciously donated an original piece of art featuring the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN) Living American History performers, with the proceeds from the auction benefiting this educational initiative.

The artwork, skillfully crafted by Jamie Franki, portrays familiar faces from major coin shows across the country: Dennis Boggs as Abraham Lincoln, Patrick McBride as Benjamin Franklin, and Curt Radabaugh as George Washington. The auction, held during the PAN Banquet on October 19, 2023, at the LeMont Restaurant, concluded with a winning bid of $1,400 from coin dealer David Siebert of The Coin Collector.

Jamie’s work captures the essence of each historical figure with symbolic elements – Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, Franklin’s electricity experiment, and Washington’s Colonial Battle Flag amid falling Christmas snow from his Delaware crossing. The artist used a combination of client-supplied photos, Photoshop, Prismacolor pencils, and digital enhancements to create this unique piece.

For those interested in supporting the Living American History Program, smaller matted prints are available for $50 each, measuring 8×10 with a 12×14 black beveled mat. All proceeds from these sales will contribute to sustaining and expanding the program.

In addition, we’d like to reflect on a notable moment in numismatic history: at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in August 2023, Whitman Publishing introduced Dennis Boggs as President Abraham Lincoln to the numismatic community. Whitman Publishing’s numismatic research director David Crenshaw played a key role in organizing Boggs’ appearance at the WFOM. Crenshaw fondly recalls that the show’s coordinator, Brenda Bishop, remarked that President Lincoln was the hit of the show! Boggs soon became a fixture at various numismatic shows nationwide, evolving into a trio of living history portrayers.

We encourage enthusiasts to consider supporting the Living American History Program by acquiring prints of Jamie Franki’s artwork, available through the PAN website. Your contribution will help maintain and expand this valuable initiative, preserving and celebrating our nation’s history in a unique and engaging manner.

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