Republic gold 100 Francs 1894-A

Numismatic Rarity Extravaganza: Heritage’s Upcoming Auction Showcases Exceptional Coins from Around the Globe

Exquisite Coins from Around the World Await Collectors and Investors

Numismatic enthusiasts and collectors of rare coins are gearing up for an exciting opportunity as Heritage Auctions presents its upcoming World Coins Platinum Session and Signature Auction on November 3-4. This prestigious event promises to showcase a diverse array of exceptional coins from different eras and countries. Among the highlights is a Prooflike near-Gem example of the extremely rare 1894 100 Francs from the coveted Genie series.

The star of the auction, the Republic gold 100 Francs 1894-A MS64 Prooflike NGC, hails from the KJR Collection and belongs to a limited mintage of just 143 pieces. What sets it apart is its Prooflike designation, a distinction earned by only five specimens, including the one offered in this auction, across various grading services. This particular coin is expected to take center stage as collectors vie for the chance to own a piece of numismatic history.

Cris Bierrenbach, Executive Vice President of International Numismatics at Heritage Auctions, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, saying, “This is an auction that is a continuation of clients taking advantage of the exceptionally high-grade coins that are consistently available at Heritage Auctions. This 100 Francs is exceedingly rare and a perfect example of the trophy-level items people are seeking to assume a centerpiece role in elite collections.”

The KJR Collection, which specializes in top-grade 100 Francs from France and Monaco, as well as 100 Soles from Peru, has always valued the historical significance and beauty of these series. The current market is increasingly recognizing the wisdom of this approach.

Among the notable Peruvian lots in the auction is an exceptional rarity: one of just eight examples of a Republic gold 100 Soles 1958 MS65 NGC, Lima mint, KM231, Fr-78. With a mintage of only 101 pieces certified by NGC, the 1958 100 Soles holds a special place in collectors’ hearts. This example, from the VMF Collection, shares the top spot in the census, a remarkable achievement for this coveted coin.

A highlight from the ancient coin section is an extraordinary LYDIAN KINGDOM AV stater from the era of Croesus (561-546 BC). This coin, certified by NGC as Choice AU 5/5 – 5/5, is notable for its historical significance. Croesus is renowned for introducing the world’s first bimetallic standard, replacing electrum with standardized gold and silver coins. This innovation resolved issues arising from inconsistent gold-to-silver ratios, previously prevalent in electrum coinage.

Also featured is a Marc Antony AV aureus, a unique coin that includes Octavia, marking the first lifetime issue featuring a Roman woman. This extraordinary piece comes from the Military mint that traveled with Antony and Octavia in Athens, circa 38 BC.

From the Eardley and Ethel Madsen Collection, a SICILY. Syracuse. Time of Dionysius I AR decadrachm is a numismatic gem. Certified by NGC as (photo-certificate) AU 4/5 – 2/5, Fine Style, it features a racing quadriga driven left by a charioteer, reins in the left hand, kentron in the right. With only two examples cited in Gallatin, this coin represents a rare die combination.

Adding to the rarity quotient is a 1826 Concordiataler, one of the few survivors from a reported mintage of 75 to 200 pieces. This coin is a rare find outside of Europe, featuring an intricate engraving showcasing the symbols of Bern within vertical ellipses framed by peripheral rings.

Russian specialists and collectors will be intrigued by the incredibly rare Silver 2 Para of Moldavia & Wallachia, a scarce emission in silver with only seven auction appearances in the last two decades. This example, one of just two currently certified, is sure to generate significant interest among collectors.

Lastly, a British Mandate Proof 100 Mils 1931 PR63 PCGS adds to the auction’s allure. As the only Proof 100 Mils from 1931 certified by either service, it is a treasure sought after by collectors for its rarity, especially in Proof condition.

Heritage Auctions’ World Coins Platinum Session and Signature Auction promises to be a landmark event for numismatics enthusiasts and collectors seeking unique and exceptional coins. More details and images of all lots in the auction can be found at Don’t miss the opportunity to bid on these extraordinary numismatic treasures.

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