The Near Perfect Counterfeit Coin

There are two excellent sites on YouTube that offer numismatic information programs that I know you will enjoy. I visit them daily and always come away with increased knowledge in many phases of the hobby. I strongly suggest that you visit both..

One is hosted by Ben (“The Coin Geek”) who owns Old Pueblo Coin shop in Tucson, Arizona, and the other is Portsmouth Coin and Currency, owned by Daniel Malone in Portsmouth, Ohio. Daniel also has a feature called CoinHELPU in which he answers questions about numismatics which is outstanding.

A few weeks ago, Daniel presented a program on gold counterfeits and mentioned the famous “Omega” $20 High Relief St. Gaudens gold coin. I happen to own one of these rare counterfeits and sent it to Daniel for him to photograph and produce a separate video. He did, and his video is above. Enjoy!

Posted by Bill Fivaz