1855 Kellogg & Co. Fifty Dollar

Unveiling America’s Numismatic Treasures: A Journey Through Rarity and History at Heritage’s FUN US Coins Auction

In the world of numismatics, where every coin tells a story, Heritage Auctions is set to unveil a remarkable collection that promises to captivate both collectors and history enthusiasts alike. Among the treasures to be showcased is the much-anticipated appearance of the 1855 Kellogg & Co. Fifty Dollar PR64 Cameo PCGS. CAC, a coin revered as a pinnacle of beauty and scarcity. Described by Fort Worth coins dealer B. Max Mehl as “the most beautiful of all Pioneer gold coins,” this exemplar stands as a testament to a bygone era and is anticipated to steal the spotlight in the upcoming auction scheduled for Jan. 10-14.

With only 14 known examples to exist, none surpassing the grade of the featured coin, its allure lies not just in its aesthetic brilliance but also in its historical significance. Crafted in proof format, these coins likely served as prestigious presentation pieces for esteemed officials and businessmen of the time. The tale surrounding the Kellogg $50 coins, conceived to rival other coinage in circulation during the mid-19th century, unveils a fascinating chapter in American numismatic history.

Executive Vice President at Heritage Auctions, Todd Imhof, sheds light on this era, explaining, “The emergence of the San Francisco Mint in 1854 marked the end of private coinage in California, yet the Mint struggled to meet the burgeoning demand for coins, making these proof examples highly sought after.”

Adding further intrigue to this event is the appearance of the 1792 Half Disme, Judd-7, Pollock-7, R.4, MS62 NGC, one of the earliest official coins of the United States. This coin’s origins trace back to a significant deposit of silver by none other than Thomas Jefferson, a transaction that led to the production of a mere 1,500 of these remarkable early American rarities.

The collection also boasts a stunning array of Morgan dollars, including the 1893-S Morgan Dollar, MS63, and the 1889-CC Dollar MS64 Deep Mirror Prooflike PCGS. CAC, each bearing a tale of economic turmoil and limited minting, resulting in their status as coveted treasures within the Morgan dollar series.

David T. Miller’s collection adds to the allure with coins like the 1893-S Morgan Dollar, a testimony to a tumultuous year in American history, and the 1889-CC Morgan dollar, emblematic of the Carson City Mint’s legacy and scarcity.

The auction will feature treasures from various top collections, including the Bob R. Simpson Collection, Part XI, showcasing rare Half Unions from 1877, among other remarkable pieces.

However, it’s the Old Pioneer Collection that truly embodies the spirit of exploration and entrepreneurship during the early American gold rushes. Highlighted by coins like the 1830 Templeton Reid Quarter Eagle and the 1852 Assay Office Ten Dollar, each coin echoes tales of a time when pioneers sought to transform gold nuggets into private coinage.

Among the standout lots, the 1804 Ten Dollar, Judd-34, Pollock-46, PR64 PCGS, stands as a testament to the enigmatic King of Siam Proof Set, representing a pivotal era in American numismatic history.

The auction promises a journey through time, inviting collectors and enthusiasts to delve into the rare and storied world of American coinage. Each coin, a tangible piece of history, beckons with its unique narrative, sparking intrigue and fascination.

For those eager to explore further or secure their place in this remarkable event, images and information about all lots in the auction can be found at HA.com/1371. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of history and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of American numismatics at Heritage’s FUN US Coins Auction.

Posted by Matthew S. Mulberry